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It's All About The... PUPPIES!

Whether you're at the planning & thinking about adding a new Puppy to your home stage, or whether you're at the 'HELP, my Puppy is driving me to despair' stage, we have a helpful training option designed especially for you!

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Pre-Vaccination Puppy Training

New Puppy?
Not yet old enough to join group training, yet you want to get a head start and ensure you hit the ground running with your new bundle?
Pre-vaccinated Puppy training is the right choice for you!
Delivered in your own home & can even be used BEFORE your new Puppy comes home!

Puppy Beginners Group Training

Our absolute beginners Puppy training class!
Aimed at Puppies up to 6 month of age upon starting & the perfect starting point for those Puppies who already vaccinated, this course will arm you with all the basics to get your Pup off to the very best start!
In addition to a course of group classes, you'll be gifted a FREE 30 minute secure field session too! 

Teen Terrors Group Training

Available as either a starter course of classes, or as a follow on from beginners training classes, this course is for Puppies up to 30 month (2.5 years) of age upon starting!
We'll be covering all those important topics that so many Adolescent Dog Guardians struggle with to get you & your Teen back on track & living in harmony together!

Private Training for Puppies

Want help with a specific Puppy problem?
Private training sessions are held as one off sessions, or booked as a package!
Whatever the issue, private training sessions are tailored to match your needs!

Puppy Confidence Social Meets

Our Puppy Confidence Social Meets are the ultimate in Puppy socialisation!
Ensuring that you get the very best professional help to ensure that those all important Puppy development deadlines are met seamlessly!

Teen Terrors Online Course

Adolescence is an incredibly hard stage of Canine development, & is the stage where the relationship between Dog & guardian is mostly likely to become fractured!
Taken as a stand-alone course, or combined with our Teen Terrors Group set of classes, this course will give you all the tools, knowledge & strategies you need to bounce back together stronger & more resilient than ever! 

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