Pre-Vaccinated Puppy Training...

Wanting to get off to the VERY BEST start?

Available before Vaccinations are even complete - or even before you actually have a Puppy, our Pre-Vaccinated Puppy Training is a private training experience bespoke to you! 

Suitable even BEFORE your new Puppy comes home!
Get all the advice you need on how to prepare, what to buy and how to make those oh-so important first few hours, days & weeks go as smoothly as possible
We'll even help you to choose which breed - if you haven't already!

Toilet Training, Biting, Jumping Up - Check!
What & when to feed, Where should Puppy sleep, - Check!
How to train, What to train - Check!
What about 'Socialisation? - Check!

From the comfort of your own home!
Yes - we'll come to you!
In home private training, help & advice without you even having to travel.
All completely bespoke to your own personal needs!
No pre-set agenda!

Taken as a 'one off' session, as a package of 4 or 6 sessions or even as a package which includes group classes!
You choose the level of help & support that you feel is right for you!

'One Off' Session


  • One x 60 Minute
  • Private Training Session
  • In your own home!

4-Session Package


  • Four x 60 Minute 
  • Private Training Sessions
  • In your own home!

6-Session Package


  • Six x 60 Minute
  • Private Training Sessions
  • In your own home!