It's All About The... Puppy Group Classes

The perfect Puppy training programme should be all about preventing future problems - and that is exactly what we aim to help you to achieve!

We all have hopes, dreams & aspirations when we bring home our new bundle of fur - whether you're hoping for an excellent Agility Dog, the perfect Tracker Dog, or simply a well behaved pet Dog, we all crave the same basic things -

We all want that Dog who listens regardless of distraction, who comes running each time we call their name & who is loved by all who meet them.

It's all achievable - and it's really easy when you know how!

We would love the opportunity to guide you & to be right at your side as you navigate the exciting adventure of raising a well adjusted Puppy!

When it comes to Puppy training, what do we offer?

  • Help to prepare you BEFORE Puppy arrives home
  • Guide you calmly through those first days, weeks & months
  • Ensure your socialisation protocol is seamless
  • Achieve full on Puppy focus at it's finest
  • Understand Canine body language & communication
  • Prevent future problems, such as separation distress & resource guarding
  • Build calmness, confidence & resilience
  • Create an 'easy to handle' Dog
  • Discover that magical 'off switch' by using the delights of 'Enrichment'
  • Hit the highs with a perfect recall & beautiful loose lead walking
  • Be the envy of the Park with a Dog who only has eyes for you
  • Have the most incredible relationship with your Pooch!

Aimed at Puppies up to the age of 6 month upon starting, we'll be covering a whole range of topics during this course!

In addition to our structured weekly themes, there will be LOTS of opportunity to ask questions, to get feedback & to troubleshoot your own unique & individual problems!
A FREE 30 minute Secure Field session for your own personal use comes as standard with our Puppy Beginners course!


We'll be building that all important focus & engagement during Week One!

This class will be a gentle introduction to training. With no pressure & no expectations, this week is all about helping your  Puppy to find their feet in our very distracting Human world!


This week is all about building a calm, confident & chilled out Puppy!

We'll be introducing you to the wonders of Scent Work & you will learn how to ensure your Puppy can settle down & be relaxed ANYWHERE!
Ready to combat that crazy 'witching hour'?
This week has ALL the answers!


An introduction to a rapid Recall & to beautiful Loose Lead walking are on the menu for Week Three!

You'll learn how we Humans can influence how our Puppy behaves by how we handle their lead & their environment & you'll be coached on how to STOP your Puppy in an emergency situation!


We'll show you how to create a reliable 'Leave It' & 'Drop It' cue this week!
No more wrestling items out of your Pups mouth!

We'll also be covering the massively important topic of Canine body language & communication to help you to prevent problems BEFORE they occur!
You'll be soon 'speaking Dog' like a pro!

Full Course Investment: £65