It's All About The... Group Dog Training Classes!

Recall & Loose Lead
 Group Classes

Are you ready to master the art of beautiful loose lead walking?
Have you imagined a life where your Dog had the perfect rapid recall, regardless of distractions?

Then these classes are for you!

Held on our Secure Field, classes run over 4 weeks & are
JAM PACKED with information & techniques to help you to become THE MOST DESIRABLE choice in the environment!

Full course: £65

Teen Terrors
Group Classes

Available as either a starter course of classes, or as a follow on from our Puppy Beginners classes, this course is all Puppies & adolescent Dogs up to the age of 30 month (2.5 years) upon starting!

Cute fluffy Fido turned in to a complete nightmare?
Are you ready to bolster or regain that lovely relationship that you had with your perfect Puppy?

Then come on in!
We have all the know how & we can't wait to share it!

Full Course: £65

IMDT Partnership Grades
Group Classes

Like working towards something?
Fancy collecting rosettes and certificates of completion as you progress?

Our IMDT Partnership grades may be the answer!

There are SIX levels to complete, each building yours & your Dogs skills as you complete each level!
There is no prior knowledge needed to start, simply start at the very beginning & work your way through at your own leisure!
Classes are booked individually, so you're not tied to a certain number of weeks - just come when you can!

Individual Class Price: £15 per Dog

Bull Breed School
 Group Classes

There is definitely something extra special about our affectionate, entertaining & outgoing Bully Breeds!

These power-houses are renowned for their touchy-feely 'no idea that they aren't lap-Dogs' behaviour & are often misunderstood due to their 'all or nothing' enthusiasm.
It's no surprise that they often find themselves in trouble - both with people & with other Dogs when you consider what we Humans have created them to be. Their sheer strength & force can easily overwhelm & their brave & gregarious approach to life can certainly be too much for many.

At home they tend to be endearing, tolerant & extremely engaging, whereas outdoors their 0-100 design can often catch you off guard

If you're having struggles with your Bully, we have just the set of classes for you!

Full Course: £65

Rescue Rock Stars
Group Classes

Opening your home & your heart to a Rescue Dog can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do - but - it can also be extremely challenging & down right daunting!

During this course of classes, we'll provide you with the skills & knowledge to help your new family member transition from a 'crackpot' to a 'jackpot' Dog!
We'll help you to build that all-important relationship which will sky-rocket your Dogs focus & engagement with you, leaving you both with a bond beyond your wildest dreams!

Open to all Rescue Dogs, but please be brutally honest when completing the class in-take form!

Full Course: £65

Chill Out Fido!
Group Classes

Busy, fizzy or 'wired' Dog?
Can't seem to tire Rover out, no matter what you do?
Ready to calm down your crazy Canine?

This set of 4 classes will give you all the knowledge, tools & strategies to help you to calm down & chill out your own fizzy Fido!

These classes are suitable for all ages of Dogs & are open to any Dog Guardian who lives with a fired-up & frantic Pooch!

Full Course: £65

Confident Canines
Group Classes

Is your Dog a nervous Nelly or a worried Walter?

This set of 4 classes (run fortnightly) are made especially for those Dogs who find the world a little worry-some!

It's completely natural that our Dogs find novel situations strange
- those with no fear wouldn't last very long in the world!
However, if your Dog is always on edge, that's no good for their mental or physical wellbeing.

During this mini-course, we'll coach you to build your Dogs confidence and increase their resilience, so that if something does worry them, they bounce-back quickly, leaving them more robust generally & much, much more happier in themselves

This course is open to all ages of Dogs

Full Course: £65

Scent Games
Group Classes

This fun course is open to all Dogs - any age, any breed, any size!
Scent is our Dogs primary sense & the act of sniffing actually feels good to them!
Scent is how our Dogs make sense of the world & as a wonderful bonus, while they sniff, their blood pressure lowers, helping them to chill out & feel wonderful!

These classes will introduce you & your Dog to lots of quick & easy scent games that you can play both at home & while out & about on walks.
These games are particularly beneficial for those Dogs who need restricted physical exercise for whatever reason.

Full Course: £65

Small Dog Club
Group Classes

Small Dogs often get a bad press for being 'shouty' little beasts, but when you consider what they have to put up with in a world where almost everything & everybody is bigger than them, it's pretty unfair label!

This set of 4 classes are made especially for those little Guys of the Dog world!
Here, we'll help to build their confidence, raise their resilience & let them have fun in a safe & secure environment!

These classes are suitable for all ages of Toy Breed Dogs under the height of 30cm (1ft)

Full Course: £65

Fun Circuits
Group Classes

With a new theme every week, we'll be playing games such as:
Temptation Alley Recall
Musical Chair Sit Stays
Hula Hoop Emergency Stops
Egg & Spoon Loose Lead Walking
Red Light, Green Light Drop it's
Musical Statue Downs
Under, Over or Through
& MUCH more!

You'll also be introduced to Scent Work, Tricks & Hoopers too!

This set of classes have it ALL going on!

Individual Class Price: £15 per Dog

Another great training session with Jo today. Our first group session after several 1:1s
We are learning so much from Jo and Daisy's behaviour is improving in leaps and bounds. Great!