Specialist Training Programmes

Our ever-growing Specialist Training Programmes are a high-intensity hybrid of both in-person & online training!
Providing you with the very best support and delivered in an easy to follow format, these programmes have been painstakingly developed to ensure that they give you the ultimate tools, knowledge and practice to succeed in the area you need help with most!

These programmes aren't for everyone! To succeed, we need total commitment from you! You really need to have the desire to make that change! These programmes are fast paced and life changing- but- only if you put in the work, follow our guidance and embrace our advice.
There are no half measures in these courses.

Ready to make the change?

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Reframing Reactivity

Shouty, Growly, Snappy Dog?

This fast-paced course will give you everything you need to help you to understand, reset & reframe your very own 'feisty Fido' 

Teen Terrors

Living with an adolescent Dog?
Wondering why they've turned in to a complete git?
This is the course for you!
10 weeks worth of content with an instant start that will absolutely sky-rocket your training & get your wayward Fido back on track

Perfect Puppy

Ready to raise the Perfect Puppy?
Join us & learn all you need to know to ensure that you get off to the very best start with your new bundle!
Get instant access to a whole 9 weeks worth of whopping content right at your finger tips!