Secure 'Off Lead' Dog Field Hire...

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Looking to hire a field so that your Dog can run free? 

With a fence height of 1.9 meters, our Secure 'off lead' Field is the perfect place to let your Doggo unwind!

Originally created with those Dogs who need space in mind, we have, over the years, welcomed a wide variety of Pooches and their people to come and enjoy our safe space

Do you have a wayward Pup with no recall and need a safe & secure place to train?

Maybe you're planning a reunion with litter mates or a Doggy Birthday party?

Is your Dog nervous and just needs a little space away from others to relax and have fun?

Fancy meeting up with a few friends and their Dogs away from public places? 

Is your Doggo carrying an injury and you want to ensure calm and relaxed exercise away from others?

Are just just fed up of being ambushed by rogue Dogs on your normal walks and fancy some quality time, just you and Fido...

Please be aware that we are predominantly a Dog Training facility.
Our field is only available to book when we are not using it ourselves.
If you are unsure of how to find us &/or need our assistance, please contact us BEFORE booking to ensure that someone will be available to help!
Even if our field is not in use by us & is available to book, that does not mean we are readily available on the end of the telephone unless this has been previously arranged by you.
We may simply be conducting training elsewhere.
Please, please be aware of this!

Ready to book?

All field bookings are now online!
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What a gem! I have two small Dogs - one is very nervous and can get aggressive around other Dogs. The JOY of being able to let my Dogs in to what effectively is their own field, lock the gate and just let them run free in the knowledge that they are safe! The field is enclosed, safe and well maintained. There is even a picnic bench for tired owners! Highly recommended
I went here with my two Greyhounds for the first time today to meet up with friends who have a Greyhound with a similar temperament to one of mine - they are both a little nervous & flighty & normally can't go off lead!
It was an absolutely wonderful to see the three of them running free & without the worry of them disappearing! Top notch field with secure high fence, backed with a wall.
Jo is really friendly & accommodating & genuinely interested in the Dogs that visit. A true Doggie person! Thank you!
What a fabulous business idea. Finally, someone who provides for the needs of all Dogs, not just those that can happily trot alongside their owner off lead. My nervous Dog would not be able to run free without this service and we were met with a warm welcome on our first visit. Also nice to know they are against cruel training methods a will provide alternative solutions to those that would benefit. Next session already booked.